Lee Rogers

Career History

2017   Pickup Overall Championship 8th
2013   Pro 2 Pickup Truck Champion - Pickup Truck Team of the Year
2008   Spirit of Pickup Truck Racing Award
2007   Pickup Truck Racing Championship
2006   Pickup Truck Racing Championship
2005   Pickup Truck Racing Championship - 13th, 2nd in Rookie Championship
2004   Autospeed Stock Rods Overall Points Championship runner-up 2nd Overall, 2nd Taunton track championship, 2nd St. Day track championship, 2nd West of England championship, 2nd Grand National championship
2003   Sold car and retired from Hot Rods, bought Stock Rod at the end of the year
2002   Hot Rod Autospeed points champion, 3rd Mendips points, Cornish champion
2001   Hot Rod Autospeed points champion, Mendips points champion, Western final runner up, Devon champion
2000   Hot Rod West of England runner up
1999   Hot Rod West of England champion
1998   Pickup Truck Racing Rookie Champion
1997   Hot Rod Mendips Top red grade 5th overall
1996   Hot Rod 2nd Autospeed points championship